It is our mission to expand the potential of light metals into the future.

Fuji Light Metal Co.,Ltd. makes the utmost effort for high precision, high quality, low cost besides
quick delivery and high quality service, and contribute to customer and society with eco-friendly
products as the light metal supplier.

Fuji Light Metal Co.,Ltd. is expanding the development, production and selling of products based on the characteristic of light metal including aluminum with flexible mindset and vigorous action of creative talent.
Fuji Light metal Co.,Ltd. started production of extrusions in 1976, and started production and selling of precision components based on precision extrusion, and responds to customer's request as light metal including supplier from products of building to parts of semiconductor equipment, automobile, consumer electronics, business machine and commodity by running a self-sustaining business due to integrated manufacturing and sales.
We pursue the high precision, high quality, quick delivery and low cost through advanced die technology and various aluminum characteristics by the integrated system ranging from casting, extruding, surface treatment to processing.
Aluminum is noted as environment-friendly alternative material, also magnesium is more lighter than aluminum and noted as the new next generation material. From now on, we will continue to study and develop about these metals including different alloy, and challenge to unexpected field, and provide customers with customer-delighting products.